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Ink sketches


I've been sketching, drawing, and doodling since about age 3, and from then til now, animals have been one of my primary subjects. ​The sketches in the gallery above all date from 2012-2014, during college when my drawing habit got a boost from all the doodling I did in the margins of my notes. Most of these sketches comprised whimsical, off-the-wall topics like a manatee blues band, or a jellyfish dance-off in an underwater coliseum. 

For a number of years after graduating, I did a lot less drawing. Late 2019 saw a few new pieces, like the young griffin below, wanting to play fetch with a human arm.

Around that time, I also undertook some more serious drawings, like the ones below. The first was an ink portrait of my dog, Topper, who had recently passed away of old age. The other was an ink rendition of a favorite photograph I had taken several years earlier, of my hand reaching up to pick a lemon from amidst the foliage. 

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