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Elephant & Serengeti landscape

Jan 2016

A family of elephants traipses, single-file, through a dusty Serengeti scene in the distance, the silhouettes of towering Baobab trees to their backs and the glowing orange sun over their heads. In the foreground, a rock hyrax scowls from its perch. 

This is one of my favorite papercuts that I've ever done, and to this day it hangs on the wall of my bedroom. I loved the challenge of fitting the landscape scene inside the elephant's head; I loved working on the details of the trunk; and it was overall great practice creating a realistic representation of my favorite animal (as they say, you think you know what something looks like until you try to draw it).

On top of that I managed to sneak in a hyrax, another favorite animal of mine and one of the closest living relative of elephants (my inner bio nerd loves that tidbit about this piece).

Elephant Papercut Hyrax Detail Tim Rotol

A hyrax watches from the side

Rock Hyraxes San Diego Zoo.jpg

Rock hyraxes (Image from San Diego Zoo)

Another fun fact about this one is that the frame it's displayed in is actually not a frame at all, but a fully functional clock. I learned after finishing this piece that circular frames are incredibly hard to come by. One of my best friends had the ingenious idea of using a clock as a frame instead, and in almost no time I found a $15 clock with the perfect proportions and just the look and coloration that I wanted. The guts are all still there, right behind the artwork. 

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